Monday, September 11, 2023

 This is my version of the classic western song with a good message for all, "Ghost Riders In The Sky."We are approaching the season where tales of ghosts are told. Here is one that tries to steer the protagonist in the right direction.

Thanks for listening.

Tom Balistreri

Monday, July 10, 2023

 This is my rendition of an early Beatles (George Harrison) song from my favorite era of the band.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Making Music Season 2 episode 1

 And so it begins.

A second season of the musical adventures of Tom and Michael Balistreri.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Mike and Tom Balistreri at the Delmont Presbyterian Church 031923

 This is Michael and my performance of three songs I wrote.

This is from Sunday March 19 2023 at the Delmont Presbyterian Church.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Making Music Season 1 Wrap Up And Odds And Ends

 This video collage of clips and moments from the previous eight months of my son Michael and I publicly performing music.

Thank you for watching.

Things We Said Today by The Beatles covered by Tom and Michael Balistreri

The classic Beatles song "Things We Said Today" is given a two guitar interpretation by Tom and Michael Balistreri. 

"In My Dreams" a song by Tom Balistreri performed live at Speal's Tavern.

 Tom Balistreri and his son Michael perform the original song "in My Dreams" live at historic Speal's Tavern.

Video taken by Dan Speal. Thank you.

"Blue Moon" The classic standard song performed on The Balistreri Livestream July 29th 2022

 Blue Moon has been performed for decades and decades by countless performers. Now father and son, Tom and Michael Balistreri perform the song live on their livestream program.

Livestream 5 18 22 remix

Sound now synced. Facebook seems to delay our sound.

"Goodnight My Love" a classic love song from 1956. My son Michael and I perform here our version.

 "Goodnight My Love" is a classic love song performed by Jessie Belvin and a #7 hit back in 1956.

My son Michael and I perform here our version of this oldie but goodie.

The Lady Is A Tramp - A cover of a Frank Sinatra standard performed by Thomas and Michael B.

 "The Lady Is a Tramp" is a show tune from the 1937 Rodgers and Hart musical Babes in Arms, in which it was introduced by former child star Mitzi Green. This song is a spoof of New York high society and its strict etiquette (the first line of the verse is "I get too hungry for dinner at eight...") and phony social pretensions. It has become a popular music standard.

Although it was usually sung by women for many years it became associated with Frank Sinatra when he recorded his version. Here Thomas and Michael B do their version of this classic song.

You Asked Me To - A Waylon Jennings Cover - performed by Thomas and Michael B

 Tom and Michael Balistreri perform their version of the classic Waylon Jennings song.

It's The Middle by The Hannies performed by Tom and Michael Balistreri.

 This is my son and I performing a song by The Hannies

(which I cowrote with George Harris ) called "It's The Middle." This is from our live stream the other night. Thanks for watching.

A Facebook Livestream March 24 2022

 Our Facebook Livestream for Thursday March 24 2022.

Tom and Michael Balistreri play guitars, sing and entertain. It’s a big delay.

" Usable Footage" Making Music with Tom and Michael episode 5

 Here is our long delayed episode 5 of "Making Music with Tom and Michael."

It is only a 4 minute 44 second video. We do present one original song of mine, performed live at Speal's Tavern. So I hope you enjoy this little diversion from the bad news internet.

Man Mule Sweeny the legendary Hannies song performed by Michael Balistreri, George Harris and Tom.

 With son on lead guitar and my good friend George Harris on drums we perform the Hannies song about a legendary character that roamed the country during the time of the great dust bowl out west, "Man Mule Sweeny".

Livestream 5 18 22 remix

Tom and Michael Balistreri play guitars, sing and entertain.

Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (performed live by Tom and Michael Balistreri)

 This is the classic love song written by John D. Loudermilk made famous by the Casinos and many others. Performed live at a local pub by Tom and Michael Balistreri.

Making Music with Tom and Michael (Episode 4)

 In this episode Tom and Michael perform a new original song and a classic Steve Goodman tune.

Thank you for watching.

Mystery Train

 This is the song, "Mystery Train" that my son Michael and I performed at our 4 song set the other night.

Have To Say I Love You

 We finished filming episode 4 last night.

So while we wait for it to be edited for posting soon, I thought I'd share a clip from last weeks show. This was the only song performed last week. Jim Croces' tune, "I Have To Say I Love You In A Song." The full episode on YouTube is here: Thanks for watching/listening. Tom Balistreri

"Saying I Love You In A Song" - Making Music Episode 3

 A shorter video this week. I work mostly alone due to the weather.

But I manage to perform one song. Thanks for watching. Tom The song starts at the 2:44 mark on the video.

Tom and Mike play "Papa Genes Blues" Live

 Tom and Mike Balistreri performed this song at Speal's Tavern recently.

It's a favorite Mike Nesmith song I remember from his Monkees days called, "Papa Genes Blues." Thanks for listening.

An Open Stage Performance (Making Music with Tom And Michael Episode 2)

 We take our act on the road, (at least up the road) for a 4 song performance at an open stage.

If you want to skip the behind the scenes preparation, you can go to the 5:30 timestamp to see our concert. Thanks for watching. Please "like and subscribe." Even if you don't want to. (just kidding.) But it does help. Thanks again. Tom and Michael

"Love Lifted Me"- Tom and Mike Balistreri

Tom and Mike Balistreri perform their original arrangement of the the classic gospel song,

"Love Lifted Me."

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Making Music with Tom and Michael (Episode 1 "Work In Progress.")

 Join my son and I as we attempt to perfect our musical performance.

It's a reality show. A visual journal of our musical journey. We are still setting up equipment and working on getting a good sound. This weeks' original song is fittingly called, "Work In Progress." Thank you for watching. The song starts at 7:21

That's Amore'

My son Michael and I perform the song,
"That's Amore" at a local tavern.


Sixteen Tons - (Tom and Michael Balistreri)

This is one of the songs my son and I performed at a local tavern the other night. "16 Tons"


 This is my version of the classic western song with a good message for all, "Ghost Riders In The Sky."We are approaching the seas...